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Welcome Home! 

After years of traveling around the South, the Southwest, and the Midwest, the time has finally come to get our products from our table to yours. 

With our move into the commercial market and soon, the opening up of internet sales, we hope to make it easier for our loyal friends and customers to have a constant suppy of Lost Texan Salsa where ever they happen to live. With a new container and extended shelf-life, shipping will soon be offered with quick delivery!

...but the changes stop there.

Our Homestyle Fresh Salsa recipe that we have always been proud to serve, will not be changing!

With 5 different heat levels, there is a salsa for everyone... and from the hottest to the mildest, you have the same bold flavors across the board.  

"This ain't no wimpy salsa..."

The bold, freshly made taste of Lost Texan Salsa is what consumers have been demanding, and what the other brands strive for.

You've had the rest, now try the best!

"Get LOST!"


Proud members of the GO TEXAN Program



Be sure and visit our brand spankin' new Upcoming Events, News & Stuff Page in your wanders around the site... as it will have the latest and greatest info about our Lost Texan Salsa.  
More news, etc. will be added continuously (...or at least when we remember to do it), so check back often for updates.

As you meander a bit further, you will find our Contact Info & Links Page where you'll find our contact info, but also a list of the locations and stores where you can find our products.

Our products currently can be found locally at  several
7-ELEVEN locations in Round Rock and one in Georgetown, TX
See our Contact Info & Links page for store locations.

NOTE: If you wish to order salsa in advance of any event that we will be participating in, please ---give us a call or send us an email in advance, so we can reserve yours ahead of time. This will help ensure we bring enough with us, so don’t wait until the last moment.

We currently have our "TRUE TEXAN - MEDIUM SALSA No.3" and "MONGO - HABANERO SALSA No.5" available.
Our other three salsa heats will be coming soon, along with new sauces, rubs, etc.


Our apologies for the General Store still not working properly for you to place online orders, but we are working on it and hopefully the problem will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience, and if you do wish to place an order in the meantime, please call or send us an email to make arrangements.

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