Lost Texan Company
The Origin 

How it all came about

Back in 2005, my “day job” took my wife and I to Phoenix, AZ. This was exciting news as we are both confirmed salsa addicts and chiliheads, we looked forward to the Southwest influenced food we had heard so much about, and couldn’t wait to try it all.

We were not disappointed about the wonderful food and flavors we encountered, but in what became a quest for a good salsa (that lasted over three months of hitting at least three different restaurants every week) I came to the conclusion that yes, the food was GREAT! …but the salsas being served out there were not! 

Disappointed, I began making the same salsa I had made back home in Texas for the family, that really had the taste I was looking for.  The company I was working for in AZ, had catered lunches brought in for department meetings… and several of my co-workers, who were aware of “the quest” would say that the restaurant (which I had already visited) delivering the food had good salsa…
 …I told them “that if they thought that was good salsa--- then they had been abused”. 
I told them I would bring a batch from home, so they could taste the “real thing”. 
I would bring about a gallon (by request) every time one of the meetings were held, and extra bowls of the salsa began to circulate around the company cubicles.
More and more people were asking for individual jars of it, and one guy finally asked the questions “…could I buy some? Do you sell it? Are you starting a company?”
I replied “…sure, I could do that.” Talking with some buddies later, the topic came up about the salsa... and about the attention it was generating, one of them asked what I was going to call the salsa and the company… and I really had no idea. 

By chance, someone from our HR department, having overheard some of the conversation said, “…You’re from Texas? No one ever moves to Arizona from Texas… they always move from Arizona to Texas… what are you…lost?”

Yep, the fates had decided the name for us… Lost Texan Salsa Company! 

By the time we left Phoenix for the next project (that darn day job again), we had been making/selling/giving away on average fifteen gallons a week --- just in the office.
The big test came when our next project took us to South Texas, and there was a Market Day held on the town square... and we sold out of product every time we attended.

Other projects for my "day job" and our attending Chili Cookoffs, have taken us throughout Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa.
Friends, co-workers and customers have taken our products on vacation, given it to family and friends, and it has followed them in their travels, for both work and play, Farmer’s Markets, chili cook-offs, weddings, Class Reunions, birthday parties… and even while waiting in the checkout line of the local grocery store ---when we were buying the produce to make it!

Amazingly, our salsa has been enjoyed in about twenty+ states, and several countries… all before having been sold in the stores or online.

We had to turn down numerous requests in the past to sell in grocery chains, convenience stores, etc. as it was not ready for mass production. We wanted to do things right and have all the proper testing done and everything in order to put our salsa line in the stores, extend the shelf-life, and to make sure we had a product that was not only sell-able, but of the highest quality.

In December of 2010, the salsa began being made by co-packers in Texas in order to get it back to the people who have been asking, emailing and calling for it… and until now, was only available in limited supply.

The shelf life has been extended without changing the taste, or integrity of the recipe. And with the higher volume of production, it has finally opened up the opportunity to get it in the stores, but also for online sales. 

Since the beginning, we have always used the freshest available products--- with no oil, vinegar, extracts, or sugar added, we use low sodium (sea salt)… and it is not boiled into a tasteless paste or hidden behind excess vinegar like many of the other salsas on the market.

Our salsas are refrigerated so the bold vegetable taste you expect in a freshly made salsa is what you taste.

We will not put a product in the marketplace for your Family that we would not serve at our own Family table.

This is without any doubt the best salsa out there...it has gone through over five years of consumer testing, so when it comes to taste ---it has no competition! 
If you have tasted Lost Texan Salsa before, or recently for the first time… be sure and drop us a note and tell us what you think. 

If you haven’t tried Lost Texan Salsa yet, please be patient… we’re working as fast as we can to get it to you. Enjoy!"


“Coach” Les Georgetown, Texas

Working on a recipe at one of the many Chili Cookoffs we have participated in over the years, this one pictured was in Victoria, Texas.

Our original label and jar that we have used for five years now, and familiar to our friends and customers.

About Us
Les and Laura Clary are both native Texans who share a passion for food and family.
"Coach" Les grew up in S.E. Texas, works in the construction industry, and as a Football Coach (at every opportunity) at the Minor League level for teams from AZ to TX, and has assisted several Pro teams with combines and youth camps.
Laura grew up in South Texas, and since retiring from Office Administration work, she now enjoys her spare time quilting for the family and friends. 
They have lived in Central Texas for over 25 years, and between them, have 5 adult children and 11 grandchildren.

Our booth at the 2011 Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Houston, before the hungry morning crowds arrived.
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